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Recent Requests

Date Completed Requestor Name Subject Status
Kevin Kelley

1. All University of Northern Iowa football game contracts, amendments, and/or cancellations for non-conference opponents for the 2021 season through 2035 season (DATED OR EXECUTED ON OR AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2019).

2. A copy of any future Missouri Valley Football Conference football schedules for the University of Northern Iowa (2021 through 2030, if any).

5/26/20 Ed Luberda

We are asking for the bid results the last time this referenced bid was actually bid upon. For example if this was last bid upon 12 months ago then that is the information we are requesting.

Bid Title:  Print Viewbook        
Bid due date: 5-29-20
Reference: Bid RFP Q9440
5/21/20 Steve Cochran

open record report on pricing , specifications and quantities  the 2019 order for the UNI Viewbook printing and mailing  - provide us with the specific information you are seeking from our previous contract

5/19/20 Jeffrey Levine

I am requesting electronic copies of the following: Any and all policies or similar items, whether formal or informal, related to the institution’s athletic department collection of student-athlete biometric data involving a student athlete’s (or similarly situated individual’s) physical, physiological, and psychological characteristics, metrics, output, or performance data through wearable technology or technology embedded in clothing and/or equipment.

5/7/20 Jonathan Sims

Adidas is formally making a public records request for the University of Northern Iowa current Athletic Supplier Contract.

4/30/20 Andy Wittry

Copies of any signed men's basketball non-conference game contracts or contract amendments signed between April 1, 2020 and April 29, 2020.

4/24/20 Cathy Mohr

I am requesting a copy of the previous awarded Bread bid for the University of Northern Iowa. I am requesting a copy of this awarded bid from 2016.Q9303

4/8/20 Teri Floyd

Texas Tech is interested in working with one of your awarded contract vendors, Michael Patrick Partners and potentially piggy backing from your contract.  I would like to get a copy of your RFP Q9402 solicitation and a copy of the contract for Michael Patrick Partners.

4/8/20 Charles Pipkens

Under the Iowa Open Records Law § 22.1 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to obtain copies of public records that pertain the scheduling of non-conference games and multi-team exempt events to be played by the Northern Iowa Men's Basketball team for the 2020-21 season.

These public records may include but are not limited to:

·         Contract agreements between Northern Iowa and other institutions or event planners. This includes

o    Drafted or executed contractual agreements.

o    Amendments to contractual agreements, whether they be new agreements or agreements which span multiple seasons

·         Documents shared with Northern Iowa’s conference pertaining to non-conference scheduling.

·         Digital copies of e-mail conversations between the team’s coaching staff or athletic department with other collegiate institutions, event planners or venues with which agreements are in place or drafted (e.g. if the team has an agreement with Xavier University the communication with Xavier University representatives would be the documents requested).

4/14/20 Landon D. C. Elkind
This e-mail is to place a public records request for the information below. In case this facilitates processing, it may be helpful to know that this request is essentially a duplicate of the previous request that I made on September 18, 2019, except item #10 in the previous request is removed here, and, except for item #9 (which is new), the only calendar year requested is 2019. The fulfillment of that request is attached to this e-mail.
  1. the number of faculty at the University of Northern Iowa in the calendar year 2019
  2. the number of faculty in (1) who, if their own accumulated sick days are exhausted and have not met the elimination period for long-term disability, qualify to use the sick leave bank (here, and throughout this e-mail, the "sick leave bank" referred to is the one described here)
  3. the number of faculty in (1) who have used any sick leave bank time in the calendar year 2019
  4. the number of faculty in (1) employed as of February 1, 2020 who have ever previously used, or are currently using, sick leave bank time
  5. the number of total days used by faculty in (1) from the sick leave bank in each of the the calendar year 2019
  6. for each faculty in (1) who used any time from the sick leave bank in the calendar year 2019, the total number of days of such time drawn in each calendar year during which they used such time
  7. the total number of faculty who covered courses scheduled to be taught by any faculty in (1) using sick leave bank time in the calendar year 2019
  8. the total compensation paid to each faculty member specifically for coverage of courses scheduled to be taught by any faculty in (1) using sick leave bank time (that is, their compensation for such course coverage, ignoring their ordinary salary and benefits compensation) in the calendar year 2019 
  9. the total administrative costs of the sick leave bank in the calendar years 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019, and/or information sufficient to calculate (or at least estimate) these costs
    • For example: the pay scale classification, and/or the actual hourly and/or or salary rate, of all employees involved in administering the sick leave bank, plus the number of weeks during which the sick leave bank was administered, would be enough to calculate (or at least estimate) the total administrative costs of the sick leave bank.
4/6/20 Hayden Hall

The grade distributions by percent and/or letter grade, for every class and instructor for the last three years at UNI.

3/23/20 Danielle Gehr

I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records that show the number of University of Northern Iowa employees seen as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to know which employees are still reporting to the University of Northern Iowa property for work and their job titles rather than those able to work remotely.

Jonnie Halford

The vendor responses and the contract that came out of  RFP #Q9410 which was for cable television service.

5/7/20 Tory Paez

Sending and receiving official education documents

3/9/20 Daniel Prymek

Steam distribution system replacement

5/6/20 Rachel M. Lautigar

coaching contracts football, men's basketball, women's basketball

2/6/20 Eric-John Szczepaniak

evaluation of Pres. Nook by BOR; forwarded request to Josh Lehman at BOR office

2/3/20 Daniel Prymek

Dancer Hall restroom and corridor improvements

2/5/20 Shannon Lafferty

RFP Q9427; would like to request a full tabulation

1/31/20 Zach Agostino

contracts and current salary information for mark farley, jeremiah johnson, ryan mahaffey